Polly’s Electric Sunrise 440ml 6.5%


Polly’s Brewery
Style: Kveik
ABV: 6.5% Alc.
Size: 440 ml
Ingredients: Malted barley, Malted wheat,  Malted oats, Hops

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Polly’s brought in every brewer’s new favourite superyeast Kveik to the party to create a beer that has a bucketload of complexity, whilst retaining maximum drinkability. In house favourite combo Citra and Mosaic smashes into the old school duo of Comet and Columbus for a beer that is high on juice, but with that signature old school Polly’s bite we love so much. Expect a beer that leaves a mark in both aroma and flavour, with a swagbag of juicy papaya and passionfruit notes paired up with solid grapefruit and pithy orange, finished with a little spicy complexity on the end.


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