Siren Scattered Light Barley Wine 10% 440ml



Siren Craft Brew
Country: UK
Style: Barley wine
Untappd (4.01)  rating on 02/03/2021
ABV: 10% Alc.
Size: 440ml
Attributes: Unfiltered
Ingredients: Malts: Malted Barley
Adjunct: Oak, Cypress Wood, Maple Wood

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Our latest take on a style steeped in tradition. Caramel, toffee and burnt sugar flavours build out of a classic malt base, with flashes of vanilla wafers, berries and zesty citrus hop notes. Spinning the beer through Cypress, Oak and Maple spirals imparts a nutty complexity, balancing rich sweetness with juicy tannins in a long dry finish.


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